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Name is a character/a main character in this campaign, set in the year 201X. They are involved in the campaign in this way, listing any titles they might have. Their personality can be briefly described as thus, taking up no more space than the remainder of this paragraph.

They are best friends with these characters, and they have dated these characters. They may have known these characters for some time; if so, specify that.

Are the particularly heroic? Villainous? Anything like that? Note it here, amigo. Elaborate on their involvement in the campaign, noting a few of their highlights and notable moments.

Describe their power or thing. Are they powerful? What does it do? What does it mean to them? How do they use this ability to help their friends, further their cause, or hurt their enemies?

They are a member of this family/organization, and/or loose, unofficial group.  

Early History Edit

Give a brief description of their early life.

Throughout the Campaign Edit

Season 1

Where were they when they first appeared? What sort of things have they done? What games have they appeared in?

Physical Appearance Edit

Maybe just give a really brief description of their appearance. How do other people view them?

Powers & Abilities Edit

Give a list of current powers/abilities the character possesses. Bullet points required.

Equipment Edit

Anything cool?

Weaknessess Edit

Same as above, but with weaknesses.

Relationships Edit

How does this character get along with others? How do others view and interact with them? List some notable relationships, but keep it brief. A separate article can be used later to elaborate.

Appearances Edit

Which episodes have they appeared in?

Trivia Edit

Interesting/fun facts about the character that doesn’t really fit anywhere else. In bullet-point form!