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Harold Robert "Harry" Wheeler is a former hunter and grandfather to Cassandra Barnes, though over time he is evolving into a more stable father figure for her. He is the groundskeeper and grave digger at the North Cemetery in Stutson, North Dakota.

Characteristics Edit

Harry is a hunter, though unlike many other hunters he appears to remain fairly stationary. He wears a lot of flannel and is almost always wearing a trucker hat. He acts as groundskeeper and gravedigger for North Cemetery in Stutson, North Dakota as his day job and he seems to possess a considerable knowledge of the supernatural.

He has amassed quite a few tomes and relics over the years (most of which he keeps in the basement or in his bedroom), and his house is full of hiding places for certain tools and weapons used for hunting.

Harry is a simple man who enjoys simple things. He's an enthusiastic beer drinker, though he quit smoke some-twenty years ago. He loves barbecue and watching sports, though he's also got a soft spot for reality shows, House Hunters and HGTV.

In times of stress, Harry often drinks and throws sarcastic, sometimes brutal remarks at people. He can be described as a "barely-functioning alcoholic". His bad experiences during childhood have made him often belligerent and judging of others. He's brutally honest, prone to telling people like it is--or at least, how he sees it to be in his own cycnical way. He doesn't enjoy people being lazy and will often complain. Harry is shown to be very dedicated to his family, willing to sacrifice all of his time, energy and limited funds to help Cassandra.

Unlike some hunters, Harry is willing to spare certain monsters if he can be assured that they would not cause anybody harm. He's also not the type to just dive into something head-first, preferring to do his research and ask questions first, unless it's a life or death situation for someone he cares about. In these cases, Harry's willing to do extreme things, such as resorting to torture.

Abilities & Training Edit

  • Archery: Harry's not a bad shot with a bow and arrow, though he doesn't prefer it.
  • Blades: Through the years, Harry's gotten very good with the use of knives, machetes and other bladed weapons. He's strong enough to decapitate a humanoid creature and to stab something in the heart in one go.
  • Exceptional Willpower: One of his most powerful tools as a hunter is his exceptional willpower. He's able to resist possession and shrug off mind-control effects more than most other people.
  • High Pain Tolerance: Harry is a human and as such is susceptible to all forms of injury, exhaustion and disease. However, despite his appearance, he's more resistant to pain and exhaustion than most people, about to the level of a soldier.
  • Marksmanship: He's an exceptional marksman, able to hit a moving target with his eyes closed.
  • Multilingual: Harry is capable of speaking a bit of German, as well as Spanish and Japanese fluently. He can also translate and decipher bits of other languages.
  • Ritual Casting: Despite not being a witch or mage, Harry is proficient at using magic. He's able to cast certain rituals, such as summoning a Familiar.
  • Supernatural Knowledge: Harry has amassed an immense wealth of knowledge in his years as a hunter.
  • Unarmed Combat: He's not exactly trained in martial arts or boxing, but Harry's a brawler and can deal some real damage if he tries.

Weaknesses Edit

Harry is a human and is therefore susceptible to all of the regular human vulnerabilities.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Harry was born in Green River, Wyoming in 1950, the only son of an abusive alcoholic. He grew up in a toxic environment, where both he and his mother were constantly berated and physically abused. As he grew older, Harry only stuck around for his mother's sake, afraid of what his father would do if he weren't there. His relationship with his father grew more and more volatile. Eventually, when Harry was nineteen, his mother killed herself. Harry and his father had it out, then, and Harry left for good after the funeral. He hasn't been back to Green River since then.

He took a series of odd jobs as he traveled cross-country to Atlanta, Georgia, where he settled down. In 1970, he took a job as a trucker, which earned him some good money. In 1974, when he was twenty-four, he met Alice Beauregard, a waitress from Kentucky who'd moved to Atlanta a few years before. She was the waitress at a truckstop he frequented and before long, he got her number.

Alice turned out to be the love of his life. The two would fall deeply in love and in 1975, she quit her job and traveled with Harry on his route in the big truck. Alice had a love of photography, and made him pull over for nearly every roadside attraction they saw a sign for. She took probably hundreds of pictures of the two of them (and many of just him, when he wasn't looking) all across America. His favorite was the picture of them in front of the Giant Donut in Randall, Indiana. He pretended to hate it, but he didn't.

In 1980, they had a child; a daughter named Mary. From the moment he first held her, Mary was his Angel, a nickname he'd give her for her entire life. He was a proud and devoted father and husband. For a few glorious years, all was right with the world. But it wasn't meant to last.

The Monster Edit

On July 3, 1983, Harry rolled back into Atlanta and found his wife acting strangely. She started getting violent and having fits and periods of mania. Harry tried to get her help but nothing seemed to take. He eventually discovered that she was being tormented by a creature called a Night Hag. With the help of a hunter who was in Atlanta looking into the Night Hag's activities, Harry managed to drive the creature away, though he did not kill it and was ultimately unable to save Alice.

The hunter helped cover up what happened and Harry took Mary on the road. Harry tried to return to a normal life but he found that now that he knew what was out there, he couldn't close his eyes to it.

Hunting Edit

Harry began his hunting "career" around October 23, 1983. Over time, he accumulated a vast knowledge of supernatural creatures and phenomena. He made several allies, gathered weapons, herbs and tools to help in his hunts and he taught his daughter Mary how to do the job. These things took her mom, so she should know how to do the same to them.

Harry and Mary became well-respected hunters by their peers. They worked on and off with other hunters, including Norman Reed once in 1993. Harry was known as an expert hunter, one who rarely ever didn't find the thing he was hunting.

However, Harry acted more like a drill sergeant than a father and Mary never got to have many of the experiences most others did. The life led to a strain between himself and his daughter, who wanted to quit hunting and find a normal life. This led to many arguments, culminating in her leaving for good to be with a pastor she'd fallen in love with. The two stubbornly refused to talk to each other for years afterward.

In 1995, he summoned a Familiar to help him on hunts. It took the form of a bloodhound that only answered to Bugs, his wife's nickname for him.

Stutson Edit

By 2002, Harry moved to Stutson, North Dakota and became the groundskeeper for North Cemetery. He retired from the Hunting Life for unknown reasons, though he admits he would go on the occasional hunt if there was something in the area or within a few hours' drive.

Major Relationships Edit

Harry tends to be gruff, blunt and sarcastic so he doesn't really have a lot of friends.

Cassandra Barnes Edit

Harry's granddaughter, Cassandra's has come to live with him in Stutson after the deaths of her parents. He's trying his best to be for her that he had failed to be for Mary. He is deeply loyal to her and is willing to go to great lengths to protect her from "the sons of bitches hidin' out in the shadows".

Equipment Edit

  • Archaic Weapons: Harry has a number of older weapons, including a few swords, axes, maces, spears and bows.
  • Explosives: Sometimes you need more than a gun or a knife.
  • Handguns: Over the years, he's amassed a number of handguns, revolvers or pistols.
  • Herbs: Harry carries certain herbs, like vervain and wolfsbane, for use against certain creatures.
  • Knives: So many knives.
  • Nightvision Goggles: He's got a pair of almost twenty-year-old nightvision goggles.
  • Rifles & Shotguns: Harry has a number of rifles, shotguns and other longarms.
  • Truck: Harry has a truck that's been warded against spirits; it acts like a panic room against ghosts and demons.