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Oliver Roth is a character in the unnamed Boston Campaign, set in the year 2010. He is the son of Gibborim Counselor Franklin Roth, and a member of the Apprentices. He's the embodiment of the traditional characteristics associated with the stereotypical jock: he's not much of an intellectual, and his biggest concerns seem to be sports, partying, and sex.

Like most jocks, Oliver is physically fit, popular, and is considered to be cool around Auburn Academy. Despite being brave and loyal to Cass and the Gibborim, he has a strong hatred of the Three-Clover Pack, and werewolves.

Oliver is the longtime best friend of Alex Harrington and Emmy Walsh, and he's also friends with Cass Jones and Brad Reidl. He has known all of them, save for Cass, for his entire life. Of all the Apprentices, Oliver is probably the most comfortable with his wealth and social position, and tends to take advantage of his privilege whenever he can.

Oliver isn't exactly "heroic" in the traditional way, but he's courageous and is usually willing to recklessly throw himself into a dangerous situation, and never hesitates to join Cass and the others on a hunt.

Aside from his athletic physique, Oliver is a conjurer; a sort of wizard specializing in conjuration magic, which creates or summons objects or creatures. He's particularly talented with summoning magic, and tends to favor a spectral wolf. He's not afraid to let loose on his opponents, either with a weapon (often a long-handled axe) or a spell.

Oliver is a member of the Roth family and the Gibborim, and is a member of the Apprentices.

Early History Edit

Oliver is the only son of Franklin and Starla Roth, hotel and restaurant magnates in Boston, MA. His family have been staples in Boston since the late 19th century, allowing him to grow up in luxury.

He grew up alongside the other Apprentices, but held a strange place among them. He never really took a side in the various squabbles between them and tended to be friendly with everybody.

He was also one of the most socially integrated with his mundane schoolmates (next to Emmy, maybe). He played sports from a young age, starting with little league baseball, junior soccer, and pee-wee football.

He enrolled in Auburn Academy in his 9th grade year, like the other Apprentices, and he has done well for himself since then. While he isn't really involved in Student Council (he's Parliamentarian, but that means he doesn't really have to do anything) but has been one of the stars in the Lacrosse Team, and most of the other sports offered at Auburn Academy.

Throughout the Campaign Edit


Season 1 Edit

Oliver was one of the first people to greet Cass at the gala, but he didn't make the best first impression. Despite that, the two have become friends. Oliver usually joins the group when they go on a hunt, and he's usually at parties and along on social events with the rest of the group.

Physical Appearance Edit

Oliver is a tall, attractive, and athletic young man; he's got styled black hair (usually slicked back), chiseled features, and a charming smile. He holds himself with confidence, some might say arrogance.

His clothing choices are typically very casual, often favoring a t-shirt and jeans, and often a leather jacket. He also usually wears sunglasses, some of which are enchanted.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Oliver is a wizard, and has displayed the following powers and abilities:

  • Arcane Magic: As a wizard, Oliver is capable of manipulating the world around him by using arcane magic. He specializes in conjuration and has shown an aptitude for summoning magic. He prefers to summon spectral land predators, such as a wolf.
  • Athletics: Oliver is highly athletic and quite muscular.
  • Combat: Oliver is trained in kickboxing and traditional wrestling.
  • Technical Aptitude: Surprisingly, Oliver has shown himself to be something of a gearhead. He's an able mechanic, and comprehends most engineering principles. This was shown when he created a homemade flamethrower when the Apprentices went up against a pack of Ghouls.

Equipment Edit

  • Charmed Sunglasses: Oliver's favorite pair of sunglasses are charmed to allow him to see in the dark.
  • Wand: Like most Wizards, Oliver has a wand. His is 9 inches, made of Larch and has a Thunderbird Tail Feather core. It is slightly bendy.

Weaknessess Edit

  • Arrogance: Oliver is proud and overconfident. And you know what they comes before a great fall....
  • Forbidden School: His skill at Conjuration comes at a cost: he cannot channel magic from the Necromancy or Abjuration school.
  • Standard Wizard Weaknesses

Relationships Edit

Oliver is popular and charming, and most people tend to like him. His boatload of confidence either endears you to him, or it completely turns you off of him.

While he can be a bit blunt and little forward, Oliver's not a total jerk; he's steadfast and does his best to offer encouragement to his friends when they need it. Oliver has, surprisingly, come through as a pretty decent guy on a number of occasions.

Oliver & Alex Edit

Alex has been Oliver's longtime best friend since childhood. The two share a mischievous streak and both tend to be hedonists. There aren't many people Oliver trusts more than Alex, and the two would do almost literally anything for each other. They're known to hang out quite often outside of school.


Oliver & Emmy Edit

Oliver and Emmy have a complicated relationship; they're slightly antagonist toward each other, but also tend to hang out and even maintain a casual physical relationship. They have an understanding with one another, recognizing everything both great and terrible about the other and accepting it all with no judgement.

Oliver & Brad Edit

Oliver and Brad have known each for forever and that entire time, Oliver has felt weirdly competitive with Brad. The two have been friendly rivals since childhood, mostly in the realm of sports. The two exercise together and often try to one-up each other, in the gym, on the playing field, and on the hunt. The two possess a hearty respect for each other, though Oliver definitely feels like Brad could loosen up.

Oliver & Cass Edit

Oliver likes Cass, and is clearly physically attracted to her, but the two aren't very close. He leaps in to help Cass whenever she needs it and never hesitates to help on a hunt, but the two don't really spend time together outside of that or school. Cass mostly seems to playfully tolerate him, really, and is unimpressed by his flashy cars, his wealth, or his confidence.

Appearances Edit

Oliver has appeared in the following games:

Boston Campaign Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Episode 1, "Legacy"
  • Episode 2, "Music in the Mists"
  • Episode 3, "Grave Circumstances"
  • Episode 4, "The Hard Place"
  • Episode 5, "Friendship is Magic"
  • Episode 6, "Blood Sugar"
  • Episode 7, "Halloween"
  • Episode 8, "Splish Splash"

Trivia Edit

  • Oliver has worked part-time at his father's firm for several years.
  • Enjoys most popular music, but has a particular love for rap and hip hop.
  • Loves cars; he loves fixing them, he loves driving them, he loves everything about them. He even reads car magazines.
  • Has a keen interest in cooking, and is actually a very good cook. Specializes in the classic French style.
  • A good dancer, who has had lessons since he was five years old.
  • Drives a 2010 Porsche Panamera.
  • Huge New England Patriots fan. Buys season passes every year.
  • Oliver's family originally had the surname "Rhee", but changed it to "Roth" when they immigrated to America in the 19th century, to make it sound more American.