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Shadowcrest Academy for the Supernatural is a boarding school located somewhere in northern Scotland, founded to educate young supernatural creatures in a safe, monitored environment. Here, they learn to control their abilities in order to live alongside human beings in safety.

Attending the school are Charli Palmer and The Misfits, among many others.

History Edit

Shadowcrest Academy of the Supernatural was founded by the wizard Merlin in 538 AD as the Shadowcrest School of Wizardry, in the waning days of the reign of King Arthur as an institution to educate young mages and warlocks, so they could control their power and protect human life. Merlin led the school during its first years, appointing his apprentice Mordenkainen as his successor when he left to assist Arthur during his wars with Mordred.

The school remained for more than two centuries. However, Christian incursion caused the school to come under siege and although its enchantments protected it for a long time, in the year 1066, the school was invaded by Templars and forcibly shut down, with all of the students and teachers that were captured burned at the stake for heresy. The survivors fled to all corners of Europe and even into Africa, hiding until the political and religious climate changed.

It wasn't until the year 1704 that a young Sorcerer named Vortigern stumbled upon an old tapestry bearing the school's crest while searching a hovel in the northern Sahara. The stitch work, the colors everything about it indicated it came from the northern UK. After much research he met up with several other researchers who had found something similar in other corners of Europe and Russia. Together, they determined the origin of the tapestries as an old school and together set out to find it.

Finally, in July 1719, the group of five explorers heard of a supposedly haunted castle north of Thurso that was allegedly home to the wizard Merlin. Eagerly, they traveled to Thurso and after a three-month long search, found the castle on Halloween night in 1719. They found a wealth of records and magical artifacts hidden in the grounds and determined the castle was, in fact, a school. They were inspired to re-open the school and for more than a decade, they gathered the money to clean, rebuild and fortify the castle. They added an entire wing and dormitories to more keep in line with colleges of the time and to provide housing for more students. They also spent several years gathering educators with supernatural abilities and backgrounds to teach.

Before they opened, it was decided that not only sorcerers and warlocks would attend, but any with a supernatural background. Vortigern was voted the headmaster and he granted each of his four allies--Marcus Von Kemp, Peter Willhelm, Aaron Clement and Patricia Gilliam--a school House, into which each student would be sorted. The four decided upon colors, a symbol of their house and also decided that students who embodied particular traits would be sorted into their respective houses.

Von Kemp, a powerful Werewolf warrior from Germany, chose a Dragon for his symbol and the color was red. Willhelm, a scholastic man with a history in both the church and a University professor at Oxford, chose green as his color and a Centaur as his symbol. Clement, a medic at one time and the group's ambassador, chose blue as his color and a Unicorn as his color. Gilliam was a brave woman and the niece of Vortigern, who chose yellow as her color and a Griffon as her symbol. So it was that the school was re-opened and rechristened The Shadowcrest Academy for the Supernatural. It was also opened as a boarding school for high-school age individuals, as this stage was crucial to attain control of one's abilities.

Student Life Edit

Since its opening, the school has undergone relatively few changes, though it did restructure its curriculum to conform to the United Kingdom's standards for education. It is an accredited school and graduating will allow on to receive an official, legal diploma and qualifies them for any benefits of high school graduation. As such, the curriculum includes both supernatural subjects and studies, as well as more mundane classes such as mathematics, English, social studies and sciences. It also offers a broad range of artistic classes, such as Art, Fashion, Journalism and Drama, as well as a robust dance program.

Vampires have since been prohibited from enrolling in the school, both due to their age and their volatile nature for some time after transition. They can, however, enroll in a home school course specifically tailored to vampires. Dhampyrs, however, are welcome at the school and vampires with control over their impulses are allowed to teach.

Calendar & Holidays Edit

The Shadowcrest year is structured in a similar way to other, non-supernatural schools in the United Kingdom: a three-term year, punctuated by holidays at Christmas and Easter, as well as a summer holiday that marks a transition into a higher grade for students and lasting seven weeks.

Colours of Edinburgh by GoheX

The first term begins on the first Monday of September and ends on the first Friday of December. The second term begins the first Monday December and ends on the last Friday of March. The Third term begins on the first Monday of April and ends the last Friday of June. The summer holiday begins immediately after and ends August 31. Students are not typically allowed to stay at the school during the summer holiday but there are some special cases where students are allowed to arrive at the school up to seven days early.

Students have the option of staying at Shadowcrest for the winter and spring holidays. Those who choose to stay at the castle do not have lessons are not required to wear their uniforms until the start of the second term. They attend a feast in the Great Hall on December 25 (known as the Yule Feast). On December 5, the last day of the first term, is the Yule Ball, a very extravagant dance that has been a tradition at the school since its re-opening in 1932.

Students also do not have classes the week of Easter, but this is much less enjoyable due to the large amount of homework that the teachers assign students at this time in preparation for final exams. Christmas break occurs during the middle of Second Term and Easter typically falls in the late second or third term (the exact date varies every year).

Other than breaks and weekends, students do not receive holidays. However, students of Junior grade or higher may visit Thurso on occasion. There are normally four feasts in a year: the Start-of-Term Feast, Halloween Feast, the Yule Feast and the End-of-Term feast. Feasts are also called to mark special occasions.

Daily Schedule Edit

The day begins at 6:00 am with breakfast in the Great Hall, which lasts until 7:30. During breakfast, there is a flurry as mail arrives through magical means, messenger owls, messenger ravens, bats and pigeons. A bell chime signals the start of the first class at 8:00 am and there are two class periods followed by a 15-minute break. Then two more classes, followed by an hour-long lunch, during which the students have free time to either study, eat in the Great Hall or otherwise have leisure time. After this there are two more classes, followed by another 15-minute break and then the last two classes of the day, ending at 4:00 pm. There is a Period 0 class at 7:00 am and a 9th period class from 5-6pm (these are optional but attendance is required if enrolled).

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Supper is served in the Great Hall and is served starting at 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. After supper, students have an hour to do as they will before 9:00 pm, which is the school-wide curfew. At this time, all students are expected to return to their common areas. Only Prefects are allowed out of their common area after curfew. Seniors receive a curfew of 10:00pm. Underclassman are expected to be in bed by 10:30 pm (this is hardly enforced) but there is no set bedtime for high school students (9th grade and higher).

Between classes and before curfew, students are allowed to wherever they like on campus with the exception of the Great Forest (which is off-limits to all non-faculty members). Before the scheduled start of the day (before 8 am) and after classes are let out (after 4), students are not required to wear their uniforms. They are, however, expected to dress modestly and to adhere to a simple dress code. All 0 and 9th hour classes do not require uniforms and uniforms are required on Fridays.

Grading System Edit

The school's grading on routine homework and tests is somewhat different from ordinary non-supernatural schools. Its scale is ancient, created by Merlin and is as follows:

  • O: Outstanding (Pass with distinction, 100% and over)
  • E: Exceeds Expectations (Pass, from 80-99%)
  • A: Acceptable (Pass, from 60-79%)
  • P: Poor (Fail, 30-59%)
  • T: Troll (Fail with distinction, from 0-29%)

Students receive a report card at the end of every term, which means they receive three every year. All students are required to meet with the Student Adviser at the end of each term to discuss their grades, options to improve performance and to voice any issues or questions they might have during that time.

Report cards also contain a total percentage, their average grade across all of their class which is graded the same as the above rubric. A copy of this rubric is contained with each report card. Additionally, a second report card is sent to the parents or guardian of the student, if applicable, along with a letter of performance as written and signed by their teachers.

Houses Edit

When the school was re-opened in 1732, the founders decided that students would be divided into four houses, each to embody different traits and aspects of human nature that each founder found appealing and important. Each house selected a house symbol, color, motto and weapon.

Additionally, each house has a teacher that acts as the Head of House (which means they are the de facto head of the house and handle all problems, quarrels, questions, etcetera within the structure of the House). Each house has a Common Room and dormitories for its students in different areas of the castle grounds.

House Draco Edit

House Draco was founded by the Werewolf Marcus Von Kemp, a powerful warlord and adventurer, renowned at the time for his skill with the claymore sword. The house symbol is that of a Dragon, its motto is "Strength gives glory" and its colors are red and silver. The symbolic weapon is the sword and the head of house Lysander McLaren. The traits that House Draco prizes are ambition, strength, resourcefulness, determination and cunning.

House Draco Crest

The common room is referred to as "The Lair" and is located beneath the castle in a series of caverns, styled after a dragon's lair, all carved as opposed to being constructed by masons. There are often large fires lit in torch sconces or giant bowls and large, iron chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The walls in the main common area glitter in the firelight.

The area has a large fireplace with flames that slowly change hue throughout the day, to signal the time. The shaft goes up to a place nobody knows, as no one has ever seen the smoke escaping and the fire burns 24 hours a day. It has a large dueling area located off the western passage at the end of the hall and it is constructed to resemble an ancient, Greek amphitheater, with optional padded floors.

To access the common room, one must go to the northwestern corner of the castle, somewhere by the entrance to the astronomy tower where they find an entryway shaped like the mouth of a great cave. To gain entry, visitors must answer a riddle posed by a spectral Bronze Dragon, which changed every month. Its house pet is a Krenshar named Bolivar.

Notable members of House Draco: Edit

  • Alice MacLaughlin
  • Cameron Dougherty
  • Dorian Altringham
  • Kaden McCutherson
  • Christian Alen-Nuckley
  • Elizabeth Alen-Nuckley

House Monceros Edit

House Monceros was founded by the Warlock Aaron Clement, who was an ambassador and renowned businessman. The house symbol is that of a Unicorn, its motto is "Strong in faith" and its house colors are Blue and Gold. The symbolic weapon is a spear and the head of house is Bran Kavenagh. The traits that House Monceros values are loyalty, honesty, faith, humbleness and justness.

House Monceros Crest

The common is known as "The Glade" and is all white marble with intricately-carved pillars and wall frescos. Blue carpets run along the walls, guiding residents to and from the common area to the dormitories. Soft, relaxing harp music is played all day and can be heard outside of all dorm rooms. If a certain phrase is uttered by a member of House Monceros, it will guide them to their room by glowing a soft gold that only the speaker can see.

The main area is decorated like a medieval banquet hall, complete with tapestries bearing the Monceros house crest. The common room is located in a squat, wide square tower located in the northwest corner of the castle, overlooking the ocean and the light of the setting sun turns the normally white floor and walls a sparkling golden color.

There is a practice area located on the room of the tower. The entrance to the house is hidden behind a stone wall and can only be entered if the person has a special key on their person. The entrance constantly changes location but always leads to the northwest tower.

Its house pet is a Silvanshee named Cheshire.

Notable Members of House Monceros: Edit

  • Jasmine Green
  • John MacFarland
  • Oliver Bones
  • Wendy McIntyre
  • Natasha Pratt
  • Dominic Tramontin

House Centaurus Edit

House Centaurus was founded by the psychic Peter Willhelm, who was a very well-known scholar of ancient literature, archeologist and a former priest. The house symbol is that of a centaur shooting a bow and arrow, its motto is "By skill, not force" and its house colors are Green and Black. The symbolic weapon is a longbow and the head of house is Marten O'Neil. The traits that House Centaurus values are creativity, individuality, intellect, wisdom and confidence.

House Centaurus Crest

The common room is known as "The Lodge" and is located in a large, wooden manor-house by the edge of the Great Forest, at the bottom of a hill marked with three standing stones (like stone henge). It can be found off the southwestern corner of the castle. The Lodge is decorated on the inside like an old-fashioned English hunting lodge and it is very rustic.

There is an archery range out back, where Archery class is held, and the Lodge also holds a massive library in the basement. It is curated by the ghost of an old woman known only as the White Lady. The inside of the Lodge is enchanted to be much bigger on the inside than it looks to be on the outside, leading to the joking nickname of "the TARDIS" by some students. This is done primarily to accommodate the volume of students staying in the Lodge.

To gain entry, one must simply walk up to the door and knock in a predetermined rhythm and say the password. Those who do not belong in the house who try to gain entry have a barrel of pickles dumped over their heads when they say the password, even if it is correct. Thus, a member of House Centaurus must always accompany those outside of their house into the Lodge, lest the visitors have pickles dumped on them. Its house pet is a Blink Dog named Charlie (aka Baxton).

Notable Members of House Centaurus: Edit

  • Brielle Spooner
  • Charlotte Palmer
  • Gillan Burke
  • Marshall Pinfield
  • Phineas Bard
  • Ruth Bickford-Goggin
  • Shiara
  • Shiloh Baker
  • Felix Nicol

House Grypus Edit

House Grypus was founded by Patricia Gilliam, the niece of Vortigern and a powerful sorceress and Diviner. The house symbol is that of a Griffon, its motto is "Honor and Virtue" and its house colors are Yellow and Purple. The symbolic weapon is a hammer and the head of house is Angela Rowlands. The traits that House Grypus values are bravery, honor, respect, fairness and altruism.

House Grypus Crest

The common room is known as "The Eyrie" and can be found in the High Tower, in the southeast corner of the castle, overlooking the low road and the Loch. The interior is decorated with polished wood and bronze and the furniture is very comfortable.

There are several table where students can study and a pit off the eastern corridor where students can practice dueling and magic. The walls in the pit are padded but the floors are not. The top of the tower is a large, open-air study area protected from the elements by powerful abjurations that allow it to be comfortable even in the dead of winter. Astronomy classes are held here, though it is accessed through teleportation magic for students outside of House Grypus.

The entrance is protected by an enchanted suit of armor and to gain entry, one must say the correct password for the Vanguard (as he's called) to let them through. This password changed week to week.

Its house pet is a rather large, black owl named Herman Lovecraft.

Notable Members of House Grypus: Edit

  • Fletcher Turpin
  • Peregrine Alen-Nuckley

Uniforms Edit

The students at Shadowcrest Academy are required to wear a uniform during scheduled school hours. Students must wear their uniforms during all lessons (except 0 and 9th hour) and during all hours between 8am and 4pm. Students are allowed to wear their own clothes after lessons, in their house Common areas and during the holidays.


Most students tend to wear their uniforms in their dormitories, most probably because they would need to change into their pajamas later so they may feel it is troublesome to change into their own clothes, then change again a few hours later into pajamas to go to bed.

The Shadowcrest Uniform consists of a white collared, long-sleeve shirt, a tie of their house colors, a grey jumper vest, black or khaki slacks and a blazer of the color of the school house (with trim on the pockets as the house's secondary color) with the logo on the breast pocket. Students wear their own shoes and socks. Scarves, gloves and hats are available for temporary use by request and are sold in the school store.

Grounds Edit

Shadowcrest is in a large, seven-story castle supported by magic, with many towers and turrets, with very deep dungeons built in the early Middle ages by Merlin and Sir Bedivere, along with other Knights of the Round Table. Shadowcrest Castle is built in a valley area--surrounding mountains are part of the landscape and cliffs can be found north of the castle.

The ocean is viewable from the higher towers, including the Monceros common room. The loch known as The Glass Lake can be found south of the main building. The huge main oak front doors leading into the Entrance Hall face east and open up to sloping lawns. The deep Great Forest extends around the east of the castle. There are also exterior greenhouses and vegetable patches on the school grounds.

Shadowcrest is located in the Scottish Highlands, about 30 miles from Thurso, Scotland, which is the northernmost town in the island of Great Britain.

The castle is supported by magic, as its massive frame would be unable to be supported by any other means. Is it also protected by numerous ancient spells and incantations, such as Anti-Teleportation Jinxes and Anti-Magic/Anti-Psionic wards.

Edinburgh princess gardens by haq

It is unplottable and has been bewitched so that if any non-supernatural creature approaches the castle, all they see are ruins and numerous warnings from the government not to approach the ruins for fear of being shot upon. Due to these numerous magic defenses, cell phones do not work on campus.

Dungeons Edit

The dungeons of Shadowcrest Castle are located under the school and can be accessed by several staircases, and at least one can be found in each corner of the school (among others). It is colder there than the main castle. There is a cupboard in a small room off the main Dungeon Corridor, where alchemy supplies are kept, primarily for Alchemy class. The Alchemy classroom is also located in the dunegons, as is the office of the Head of House Draco (currently Lysander McLaren).

Other locations in the dungeon include the Potion-Mixing Room, the Dungeon Hall, the Slug Pit, the Dungeon Pit, the Prisons/ Stockades (since dismantled) and the Lever Rooms (another torture area since dismantled).

Kitchens Edit

The kitchens for Shadowcrest Castle are located directly under the Great Hall, off the northeastern staircase to the Dungeons. It contains tables identical to those in the Great Hall. The kitchen is staffed primarily by a series of Unseen Servants. Due to the many spells in the kitchen that provide an easier work environment and magically transporting the food directly to the tables, the kitchen has been unable to receive new equipment and so still resembles a Victorian-era kitchen.

Entrance Hall Edit

The Shadowcrest Entrance Hall is located on the ground floor of Shadowcrest School, with a wide marble staircase opposite the oak doors. Double doors to the left lead into the Great Hall. Many other corridors, such as a staircase leading to the Kitchen and Dungeons, the entrance to House Draco and the Grand Staircase can also be accessed via the Entrance Hall. There is also an annex off the hall where Professor Rowlands speaks to First Years at the beginning of each year.

Chamber of Reception Edit

A little building before the Entrance Hall where Professor Rowlands makes the First years wait and take a test before the Welcoming Feats and Sorting Ceremony.

Viaduct Courtyard Edit

The Viaduct Courtyard is located off the Entrance Hall. Most students pass through this area between classes and is a popular place for students to "hang out" between and after classes. A bridge runs from here to the Low Road.

Great Hall Edit

Also called the Feasting Hall, the Great Hall in Shadowcrest is the main gathering area in the school. Students eat their meals, receive their post and have certain special events there. The Great Hall is large enough that is can easily hold all of the students and staff at once, as well as many guests.

There are four long, marble tables running the length of the room, each with a carving of a House Crest in them. Two great pillars, carved of Marble and adorned with gold trim, stand at the back of the room by the main doors into the hall, each with carvings of a Unicorn and a Centaur; and a Dragon and a Griffon, respectively. These symbolize the four houses.

Its tall walls reach up to the enchanted ceiling, which is bewitched to look like the sky outside, weather and all (though this is merely illusory). A row of candles hover in the air above the tables. At the front of the room is the staff table, where the faculty takes its meals.

Staff Room Edit

A long, paneled room with mismatched, dark wooden chairs. There is a wardrobe inside which contains spare clothing (for students and faculty) and a miniature refrigerator. This room is basically the faculty lounge and is guarded by two, talking stone gargoyles named Bert and Bill who only open the door to the correct password (which is only known by faculty and is changed weekly).

Caretaker's Office Edit

The caretaker's office is a small, round room where the Head Caretaker and Groundskeeper lives. It is connected to the Entrance Hall and is a simple, windowless room with an oil lamp on the ceiling. Floor plans to the entire castle can be found here, pinned to the wall. Only a key owned by the Head Caretaker can open the door to this room.

Inner Courtyard Edit

A cloistered, outdoors courtyard in the inner part of Shadowcrest Castle. This courtyard has grass in the open area in which a large Mallorn tree has grown over the centuries, a gift from an Elf lord who was pleased with his son's education.

There are also a few small benches and picnic tables on the western side of the courtyard and small brook that runs through an aqueduct, with a little stone bridge crossing the gap.

The Quad Edit

This courtyard is located in the Shadowcrest exterior area. Is it connected to the Viaduct. Four towers are located at either corner of this courtyard: the Grand Staircase, the Resident's Tower, the High Tower, the Hospital Tower and the Bridge Tower are located in the middle of two different sides.

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Other Locations Edit

  • Herbology Storeroom
  • Northern Courtyard
  • Training Grounds Entrance
  • Classrooms
  • Lavatories
  • The Lodge
  • The Library
  • Study Area
  • School Store
  • Music Classroom
  • Headmaster's Office
  • Auditorium
  • Gamekeeper's Tower
  • Greenhouses and Gardens
  • The Glass Lake (named due to the stillness of the Water)
  • The Crypts (Where Headmasters are buried)

Faculty Edit

Shadowcrest has in its faculty an abundance of wise and talented professors, each an expert in his or her field with a supernatural background. Teachers run the gamut of being sorcerers, to warlocks, lycans, changelings, extraterrestrials, shapeshifters, wildlings and even normal humans, among others. Each professor in specific subjects in a given department. Other staff members include that of school nurse, caretaker, librarian and technical support.

There are a variety of classes taught at Shadowcrest Academy, including the core curriculum (Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Sciences), supernatural classes (such as Xenobiology, History of Magic, Rune Magic, etcetera) and electives, available to high school students. Some classes may be dropped at the end of a term but special conditions need to be met and discussed with the student advisor.

Numerous lessons are described, instructing students is various branches of supernatural lore. Arcane Magic, Divine Magic, Undead, Dark Arts, Alchemy, Extraterrestrial Theory, Spirits, Demonology, Angelology, Planes of Existence and other, even more esoteric subjects are taught at the school, each with their own courses of study and application.

At the beginning of their high school career, students may select a number of electives, bringing their class schedules from five (core classes plus one elective pertaining to the student's individual supernatural background) to eight or more (up to ten). These offer an expansive range of supernatural classes as well as other, art-oriented subjects.

A complete list of the faculty at Shadowcrest Academy for the Supernatural is listed below:

Administrative Edit

  • Unknown Headmaster
  • Basil Plaskit: Student Advisor, Guidance Councilor; Squib
  • Madame Ellen Dowd: Head Librarian; Shapeshifter -- House Monceros
  • Madame Camise Brimble: Head Physician; Witch -- House Centaurus
    • Thomil: Head Nurse; Goblin -- House Draco
      • Gomgnus: Deputy Nurse; Goblin

Maintenance Edit

  • Anthony Mooney: Custodian; Psychic [Ice Blaster] -- House Draco
  • Rutwick: Assistant Custodian; Goblin
  • Kevin Shadwell: Groundskeeper & Gamekeeper; Plant Witch -- House Centaurus
  • Graham Cantebury: Senior Technician; Technopath -- House Draco

Core Academics Edit

  • Professor Preston Hooper: Algebra, Business Math, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus; Mage -- House Centaurus
  • Professor Angela Rowlands: English; Sorceress -- House Grypus
  • Professor Bently Morris: Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics; Warlock -- House Draco
  • Madame Louise Flemming: Biology, Earth Science; Psychic [Reader] -- House Monceros
  • Professor Kurt Hawtrey: World History, Geography, Economics, Civics; Skinwalker -- House Grypus
  • Professor David Pye: World of the Supernatural; Sorcerer -- House Monceros

Magic and Psionics Department Edit

  • Professor Bran Kavenagh: History of Magic, Arcane Theory & Application, Runic Magic, Magic Specialty Classes -- House Monceros
  • Professor Warwick Pond: Alchemy; Time, Reality & You; Arithmancy; Sorcerer -- House Grypus
  • Professor Lysander McLaren: Dark Arts Theory, Undead Studies, Xenobiology, History of Lycanthropy and Vampires; True Werewolf -- House Draco
  • Frederic Gordon-Lennox: Psionics Theory & Application, History of Psychics; Psychic [Sniffer] -- House Centaurus

Arts Edit

  • Madame Elaine Stoppel: Art, History of Art, Sculpting & Pottery, Life Drawing; Psychic [Illusionist] -- House Centaurus
  • Professor Oreius: Literature, Creative Writing, Poetry &Songwriting; Centaur -- House Grypus
  • Professor Peter Meredith: Photography, Journalism; Dhampyr -- House Monceros
  • Madame Eve Powell: Yearbook, Fashion, Home Economics; Vampire -- House Grypus
  • Madame Susan Kenan: Drama, Dance; Witch -- House Draco

General Studies Edit

  • Godric Oswell: Gym; Half-Giant -- House Centaurus
  • Professor Raphael DuPonce: Dueling, Language Classes; Assimar -- House Monceros
  • Ted "Bulldog" Brandt: Boxing, Martial Arts, Weightlifting; Psychic [Titan] -- House Draco
  • Madame Loretta Moran: Archery; Half-Elf -- House Centaurus
  • Professor Marten O'Neil: Deductive Reasoning, Psychology, Sociology, Music History; Human -- House Centaurus
  • Professor Hedley Mills: Choir, Band/Orchestra; Ghost -- House Monceros

Students Edit

Students are selected from a wide variety of backgrounds, both in terms of socio-economic, nationality and supernatural abilities or traits.

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While most students hail from the United Kingdom, there are also some students from the United States, France, Germany, Africa and other foreign countries, although they are rare usually the exception rather than the rule.

Vampires are not permitted to enroll in the school as their hostile, impulse-driven nature is usually too much and students could get hurt. This is the only supernatural exception and most other supernatural entities are allowed to enroll.

Prefects Edit

In their Senior years, four students are chosen from each house--two boys, two girls--and are made Prefects. These students act much like Resident Advisors in a college dorm, handling minor issues, questions and helping new students become acclimated to the school and its rules. Prefects are generally very responsible and often have the best academic performances of their house.

They have a number of special privileges and powers that other students do not have, including:

  • No set curfew
  • Authority to send students to Head of House for discipline
  • Issuing of "Demerits", five of which earn a student a trip to the Head of House and ten of which earn the students a trip to the Headmaster
  • A bright, golden pin on their jackets to signify their position

Trivia Edit

  • The rival houses are all air-based versus land-based (Grypus and Monceros; Draco and Centaurus)
  • The recently established rule of "No Magic or Psionics outside of class" was laid out in part because of Benedict Gorski's prank on a prefect, where he used a Magic Mouth spell to frighten him to tears.