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Season One Edit

Mirror, Mirror (S01E01) Edit

  • Character Introductions: Odessa Nulph, Edgar Nulph, Virgil Lukas, Mephisto Lukas, Collin Fairbanks, Walt, Sven Chathman, Abby Spencer, Morgan Laufey,
  • Monster of the Week: Spectral hound
  • Synopsis: After losing her parents in a car accident, Odessa is sent to live with her eccentric uncle in Sacramento who revealed the truth to her about the world of the supernatural. The two later attended an auction where her uncle purchased an enchanted mirror, which later unleashed a spectral hound that attacked Odessa.

Plot: Following the death of her parents, Odessa is sent to live with her uncle in Sacramento. Shortly after her arrival, Edgar took Odessa with him to the Ace of Spades in order to speak with an information broker named Virgil about an upcoming auction. He invited Odessa to attend the auction with him and she agreed Shortly after arriving at her new home, Edgar also revealed to Odessa the truth about the world of the supernatural and about her heritage as a sorceress. While initially skeptical, Odessa comes to believe her Uncle after he performed some magic for her. She later attended the auction with her Uncle wherein he purchased several magical items, including an enchanted mirror. While at the auction, Odessa also met a future classmate named Collin. Not long after, Odessa officially begins her senior year of school at Waterson High School. On her first day, she defended Walt from being bullied by Collin, which led to her meeting Sven and Abby. Odessa also became acquainted with her mysterious English teacher, Mr. Lukas who is revealed to be Virgil's brother. While home alone one day, she begins to hear whispers coming from her Uncle's newly acquired mirror. When she went to investigate, she was attacked by an evil hound spirit whom she managed to slow down with magic before leaping into her Uncle's holy water swimming pool.

Dead on Arrival (S01E02) Edit

  • Character Introductions: Donny Faraday, Percy Rousseau
  • Monster of the Week: Necromancer, Ghouls
  • Synopsis: When a necromancer arrived in town seeking out blonde teens, Odessa and her uncle worked together to to try and track him down. Matters took a twist, however when Odessa was attacked by the necromancer and was forced to call on Virgil for help.

Plot: About a week later, Odessa became acquainted with Donny Faraday after being assigned to work him on a mythology project. She was also introduced to Sven's "Wall of the Unexplainable"; a board full of clippings related to potentially supernatural incidents in Sacramento. Later that night, at dinner, Virgil arrived at the house to give her Uncle some information about a necromancer that was in town. Although Edgar refused to allow Odessa to become involved in taking down the necromancer, he later relented and allowed her to at least help with tracking the necromancer's movements. Virgil showed up at her school the next day to give Odessa a few more details; specifically the necromancer seemed to be targeting blonde teens. Later that day, Odessa was introduced to a friend of her Uncle's, Percy Rousseau who helped train Odessa in how to fight. A few days later, Edgar and Percy got a lead on where the necromancer was, and in spite of her wishes, Odessa was left behind. As it turned out, this was actually a rouse that the necromancer had created in order to get Odessa alone. Unable to get ahold of either her Uncle or Percy, Odessa called Virgil who arrived a short time later, slaughtering both the necromancer and the ghouls. During the fight, Odessa saw his eyes flash red but before she could question him, he vanished. Odessa went to his bar the next day after school to thank him for everything and it was then that Virgil revealed that he and his brothers were both demons and former princes of the ninth circle of hell.

The Hills Are Alive (S01E03) Edit

  • Character Introductions: Barnabus, Haniel
  • Monster of the Week: Demon, Orcs
  • Synopsis: After Odessa's school bus was attacked by a group of orcs, she and her friends banded together to stop the monsters and rescue the students that were taken. After delving into the orcs lair, they discovered that a demon named Barnabus was behind the attack. The group was rescued by a "homeless man", who Odessa later discovered was the archangel Haniel.

Plot: As Odessa began to settle into her life in Sacramento, she was able to spend more time with her new friends and she agreed to go and investigate some mysterious lights with Walt and Sven after school one day. Before leaving with them, she was surprised when she received an apology from Collin about his bullying behavior. While out investigating the lights, Sven revealed to Odessa his belief that he had been abducted by aliens as a child. Because of this, Odessa offered to do some research for Sven to see what she couldn't find out for him. During this time, Abby began to act a bit strangely and she and Sven got into a fight, apparently over Odessa. A few days later, while out on a school trip, Odessa's bus was way laid by orcs. Odessa, along with Colin, Walt and Sven did their best to fight off the monsters, but several students were kidnapped in the ensuing chaos. During the fight, Odessa was forced to use magic and eventually revealed the truth about what she was to her friends. This caused Sven to reveal that he also had some electrokinesis, which he believed was a result of the alien abduction. With no time to waste, the group followed the trail left by the orcs back to their lair where they fought their way through the tunnels and eventually found themselves face to face with a demon named Barnabus. As it turned out, he had organized the orcs to attack the school bus in an effort to draw Odessa into a trap. When the demon made to attack her, however, Odessa and her friends were saved by a wild looking homeless man who vanished shortly thereafter. After rescuing the students, Odessa and her friends returned to the school bus where they fed the cops a story about a group of crazed red neck hillbillies. Once at home, Odessa found herself face to face with the homeless man who introduced himself as Haniel, a fallen archangel and her new personal guardian angel.

Hell Hound on My Trail (S01E04) Edit

  • Character Introductions:
  • Monster of the Week: Dark Creepers, Demon
  • Synopsis: After being confronted by Barnabus at an auction and later attacked by dark creepers, Odessa challenged Barnabus to a fiddle contest to settle affairs once and for all.

Plot: After her ordeal with Barnabus, Odessa was put under temporary house arrest. When her uncle relented and allowed Odessa to attend an auction with him, she was confronted by Barnabus, but saved by Mephisto. On the drive home, Edgar revealed that he knew that Virgil and Mephisto were demons; a revelation that came seconds before their car was smashed into by dark creepers. After she and her uncle managed to defeat the monsters (Haniel was knocked unconscious), Virgil arrived to give them a lift home and Edgar confronted Virgil about his knowledge during the drive back. Later that night, Odessa was spoken to by a man who appeared in her mirror. He claimed to be Thomas Keeney, an old friend of her Grandmothers', and he said he had some important important information about the antichrist, who he claimed was already among them. Reluctantly, Edgar and Odessa agreed they would need to contact her grandmother. A few days later, Odessa was confronted by Barnabus who trapped Haniel in some holy oil. To stop Barnabus once and for all, Odessa challenged him to a fiddle contest. If he won, she would come with him; If she won, he would leave her alone forever. Barnabus agreed and, fortunately for her, was a terrible fiddle player. Odessa won the contest and, true to his word, Barnabus allowed himself to be exorcised by Haniel.

Lucky Charms (S01E05) Edit

  • Character Introductions: Titus Spencer
  • Monster of the Week: Luck Fae
  • Synopsis: After bizarre freak accidents began occurring around Sacramento, Odessa and Edgar discovered that a luck fae was to blame.

Determined to follow up on the information Thomas Keeney had given her, Odessa's research into omens surrounding the anti-christ began to lead her to suspect Sven. Owing to this, Odessa did her best to try and put some distance between the two of them, despite her growing feelings for him. While at school, Odessa was surprised to see Titus, who invited her and her uncle to dinner in a couple of days. During this time, strange freak accidents began to occur around town. After witnessing one of these freak accidents first hand, Odessa noticed a strange coin nearby which she and her Uncle took back to the Owlpen to investigate. After doing some research, the two deduced that the coin likely belonged to a luck fae. While Edgar left to retrieve some herbs essential in summoning the fae, Odessa was confronted by the creature which she tricked into drinking some wine laced with four leaf clover. This allowed her to stun the creature long enough for her to dispose of it. Later that night, she and her uncle arrived at the Spencer's for dinner and Odessa was surprised to see Mephisto there. After receiving a distressing call from Haniel, they returned home to discover that Odessa's grandmother had arrived.

An Interlude (S01E06) Edit

The arrival of Odessa's grandmother signaled the beginning of a new age of misery for Odessa and her Uncle. Though unhappy about the situation, Odessa coped by burying herself in researching the anti-christ, which she was less convinced was Sven. A few days into her grandmother's visit, Odessa was summoned to Virgil's office where he revealed to her that Mephisto had made a deal with her parents ten years ago and that their deaths were a result of him collecting on the deal. Later that night, Odessa told her Uncle about what she'd discovered and the two agreed that they would find a way to make Mephisto pay. After a few days of being pretty out of it, Sven dropped by Odessa's house to check in on her and she confided in him what had happened. When she also let slip that she had feelings for him, he surprised her by asking her out to dinner. Over dinner, Odessa told Sven about everything that had happened and even about her suspecting him of being the anti-christ. Although Odessa was concerned about his reaction, Sven was understanding and even offered to help her with her investigation. At school on Monday, Walt showed Odessa and Sven an article that indicated that someone with abilities like Sven was in New Mexico. The two agreed that it was definitely worth looking into. Later that day, Odessa found out that Sven and Abby had broken up. That night, Edgar finally kicked Lorraine out of the house. Before she left, Lorraine told Odessa that she had warded the mirror and that she didn't think the man she'd seen was her old friend McKeeney. "I have known Thomas McKeeney for a very long time. I don't know who the man you spoke to was, but he wasn't my Thomas."

Road Trip (S01E07) Edit

After gathering more details on the mysterious Benjamen Graziano, Odessa Walt and Sven took a trip out to Albuquerque posing as college journalism students. On the way there, Odessa met with Virgil at a gas station where he gave her some information that seemed to support Sven being the anti-christ; a huge storm that hit San Franciso (Sven's birthplace) the day he was born. Once in Albuquerque, Odessa Walt and Sven met with Benjamen at his home. Over the course of the interview, he revealed that he also believed he'd been abducted by aliens and that he'd recently gained the power of mind control. Despite the awkwardness of the meeting, it did cement the fact that something had happened to both Benjamen and Sven and that they'd been changed as a result. That night at the motel, Mephisto confronted Odessa with some more conflicting information about Sven; he was absolutely certain that he wasn't the anti-christ. Odessa also had it it out with Mephiso about the death of her parents and he revealed to her the reason for the deal they'd made; it had all been to save her. Before leaving, Mephisto also warned her that he believed Virgil had been manipulating her to his own ends since California and that Virgil might even be working to free Lucifer, as it was "better to serve in hell than rule in heaven." Furthermore, he suggested that the man she'd seen in her mirror might've been Lucifer attempting to manipulate her into breaking the seven seals and that she'd do well to destroy the mirror. Although conflicted, Odessa chose to side with Mephisto against Virgil. The episode ended with Odessa sharing a heart to heart with Sven as the two agreed to officially start dating and even shared their first kiss.

Alien (S01E08) Edit

On the way back from Albuquerque, Odessa and Walt read about some strange crop-circle style symbols in the desert just over the border of Nevada and the group decided to look into it. On the way there, however, the car broke down due to the presence of a strange, alien creature called a Grimm. The creature injured Odessa, causing Sven to reveal another power--telekinesis and seemingly a degree of control over the creature which he managed to hold in place long enough for two Hoffman agents to arrive and kill it with cast iron slugs. A female agent named Harding explained the situation while her partner, Agent Malcolm, cleaned up and called the incident in. They were undercover and had been following them for some time as both Odessa and Sven were listed as "persons of interest". Harding went on to explain that it hadn't been aliens who had abducted people like Benjamen and Sven, but fairies.